Our Vision


Relational Depth

We believe that shallow faith is a sin and that all believers should be consumed by one “first love.” Loving God far above all other loves is the natural outcome of growing in relational depth with the Triune God. When our soul gets in touch with its greatest love, it discovers its true nature and beauty and can’t help but sing.

Relational Holiness

God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, exists in eternal community. The Triune Community is our model for all of life’s relationships. Through small groups we pursue relational holiness where our brokenness and relational sin are constantly uncovered in Spirit-directed conversations that result in repentance, joy, and vision.

Relational Mission

As we are being shaped in the image of God through relational depth and relational holiness, we are called into fearless relational mission on behalf of the poor and marginalized people in our world. Our mission is to be a force of justice both locally and globally to bring and demonstrate the whole gospel to the whole world.