Mission to Thailand

Hi friends!
It has been a while since I’ve written a missions trip support letter and so much has changed since the last time I went to Thailand. I am excited to share with you about my trip this time around but also I know I’ll be reminded often of Gabriel during this trip. I am guessing there will be some sad moments, but also some happy memories too.

For now, let me tell you about this trip! My mentor, Elsa, and I will be leading this trip together with six other students from Ontario, Canada. I leave for Hong Kong June 24th and will spend some time with my grandmother before leaving for Thailand July 2-July 30th. In Thailand, my team and I will teach English classes to the high schoolers at Chiang Khong Christian Education Centre (CCEC). Each week, we will teach classes Monday-Thursday. Our team will teach 24 classes per week. Fridays, we will have English activity day. Depending on the grade, the students will get the opportunity to use English in shopping scenarios, mock-job applications/interviews, and simulated tour guides.

Our team has been meeting bimonthly to prepare our curriculum and bond. We have two more meetings in our calendar before we are in Thailand together! As we prepare and wrap up our training meetings, please keep us in prayers!

Here are some ways you can pray for us before our trip:

  • Pray for our team-that God is preparing our hearts before we go on the trip. That our hearts are open to what He is teaching us and what He will teach us.
  • Pray for final preparations- pray that our curriculum writing and English activity planning goes smoothly and that what we plan will be helpful to our students in Thailand.
  • Pray for our students and our interactions with the people in Thailand. The majority of Thailand is Buddhist (more than 90%) and even though our students are attending a Christian school, once they leave, they will not as likely be surrounded by Christians.
  • Pray for our health, safety and protection against mosquitoes!
If you do want to support me financially, I do have to raise around $1000 dollars for my flight to Thailand and room & board. I’ll be writing a check to the missions organization first, but you can write me a check or give it to me in person. I’m sorry, I don’t have a online donation option!
You can “follow” me on this trip through my blog: ccecthailandmissiontrip.blogspot.com. Or, just let me know your emails and I can send you my regular updates. 🙂
Much love and gratitude,