Justice and Mission

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Justice and Mission

You give a tenth of your spices — mint, dill and cumin. But you have neglected the more important matters of the law — justice, mercy and faithfulness. You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former. – Matthew 23:23

We believe that justice is mission and doing mission is justice. Our guiding philosophy for missional work – local and global – is that it must be relational. We send three to five international teams each year that are sent to the same city, ministering to the same people group and serving the same international partners year after year. We are in one place for the long haul. We believe this is the most effective use of our people and resources and we have seen many lives change as a result of making long-term relationships a priority.


July and August Orphan Retreat
Since 2004 we have been involved in several projects in East Asia. At the invitation of the local government, each year we conduct a 3-4 day orphan retreat in two different cities. We work with 50-60 orphan children from middle school to high school. We teach the children practical life skills during the day and plan fun, interactive,  events in the evenings.

July Technology and Orphan ESL Trip
Since 2009 we have been teaching orphans in East Asia about Technology and teaching ESL classes. We conduct a 7-day camp working with middle school and high school kids. Many of these children do not have regular access to technology but they are incredibly bright and eager to learn. Teaching them real-world skills helps empower them for a better future.


Dearborn Park Adopt-a-Teacher (Year round)
Each one of our church’s community groups adopts a teacher/classroom with year-round support and appreciation.

Dearborn Park International Canned Food Drive (Spring/Fall)
Each Fall and Spring we collect canned and shelf-stable foods for families in need at Dearborn Park International School.

Dearborn Park International Emergency Fund (Year round)
Each year we set aside several thousand dollars to provide financial support for families with emergency needs. What’s unique about this fund is that Dearborn’s Family Support Worker has complete discretion as to how these funds are distributed. In the past, the fund has been used to purchase food for homeless families, pay electric or water bills when utilities have been shut off, and cover hotel stays in cases of emergency evacuations.

Beacon Hill Children’s Carnival
Each year on October 31st, we simply throw the biggest and best party on Beacon Hill! All families are welcome to join a night of fun, candy, prizes, games, and costumes (creative and appropriate).