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Community Groups

Jesus’ ongoing prayer for us is that we may be one as He and the Father are one. – John 17:21-23, 26.

A Community group is a group in which members are open to one another in confessing and processing the relational sin that we see in each other as well as ourselves. We encourage each other to go beyond relating on a surface level, break through our tolerance of acceptable sins, and repent and walk in a new way toward relational holiness. It is a group where we seek God’s vision for the other person as we open our lives to one another.

Being in Trinitarian community does not mean an absence of conflict, hurt, and general annoyance with one another. Just like a married couple grows stronger and closer as they learn to resolve conflicts, friendship and community deepen in the same manner. As long as we are on earth, relational sin will always play a part in how we relate to each other. But the great reversal is that the very divisions that threaten to tear us apart, God will use as pathways for us to experience the wonder of oneness that Jesus prayed for.

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