B.R.A.V.O. Tutoring Program

Hi all!

Beginning this school year, SCAC and Dearborn Elementary will be partnering to deliver a free math tutoring program, B.R.A.V.O., for 3rd grade students attending Dearborn. The tutoring program utilizes Khan Academy, a free, online, comprehensive, and easily accessible resource. The tutoring program will take place once a month on Saturday mornings. We hope that through this program, the students can continue to grow and flourish in their educational endeavors, and even develop a deeper connection with our church. I would like to briefly share with you all what we hope to accomplish through this program, and how the idea of this program came to fruition.

The idea of this program occured to me after my mom repeatedly detailed how some of her friends’ children were struggling with the standardized test required for elementary school students. She often wondered where she could recommend her friends’ children to go to for inexpensive tutoring and help in school. That’s when I thought of Khan Academy. After using it for so many years, I realized how many students, especially those at a younger age, where unaware of such an invaluable resource. After hearing this, my family and I decided we would try to get a free tutoring program running where kids could come for academic support in a warm and fun environment. The idea of helping kids in core academic subjects in which they may be having a difficult time with inspired me to propose, and ultimately, launch this program. With the help of Pastor Roy, Principal Conte, the Dearborn faculty, and many others, we were able to get the idea rolling. Even better, our partnership with Dearborn Elementary can further cultivate our relationship with our surrounding community, and was why I was so excited to propose this idea to our church and the staff at Dearborn.

For those that share a similar passion to help tutor Dearborn students in math, and seek to grow and reach out to our community, I encourage you to pray for the students’ continued growth, and the opportunity for us to reach out to the students and their families. In addition, if you feel called to help out with the tutoring program, we are urgently seeking more volunteers to help tutor these students, as well as any used laptops that are still functional and can access the internet at a decent speed. Also, if you would like to donate money towards a new Chromebook for the program, make your donation out to “SCAC” with “EHF Tutoring” in the memo line. We truly appreciate any form of support, and we hope that this upcoming year will be a success for the program!


-Wesley Lam