A journey of Faith

Margo Day

Mar 24, 2013

Small Steps in the Direction of “Yes!”

Rev. Roy Chang

Mar 17, 2013

Good and Rich

Rev. Roy Chang

Mar 10, 2013

The Kingdom Beyond the Castle

Rev. Roy Chang

The whole Gospel includes the spiritual, physical and the social. Most believers are familiar with the spiritual, but what does the redemptive power of the Gospel bring to the physical and social arenas of our world?

Mar 3, 2013

What Are We Missing?

Rev. Roy Chang

Are you conservative or liberal? Red or blue? Is the goal getting people into heaven or helping people on earth? For too long the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been divided into two divisive camps. Has it always been that way? If your Gospel defines your discipleship then we need to have the whole Gospel in order to bless the whole world.

Feb 24, 2013