Biking For Buhoma

Amidst busy lives we often ask ourselves what we can do to help others in impoverished countries. Seattle Chinese Alliance church has offered me the wonderful opportunity to aid Buhoma, a region in West Tanzania. Biking from Seattle to Vancouver B.C. (Aug. 17-18), I’m raising funds for this region to gain essential resources for survival such as clean water, education, healthcare, and sustainable agricultural practices.

At the age of fifteen, I started cycling daily to local areas, whether it was to the school, gym, pool, library, or even a friend’s house.  Over the summer, I’d participate in major cycling events such as STP (Seattle to Portland). To this very day, I still have not obtained a driver’s license, which demonstrates how committed I am to my habits.  But this summer, I want to do more than just exercise and admire my legs.  I want to cycle for a purpose greater than myself.

I learned how to ride a bike in the second grade while all my friends had already learned two years before me. I just couldn’t balance myself and fell off numerous times. During that long and grueling process of learning, I considered giving up. However, there was a glimmer of hope in me that I could prove my critics wrong and learn how to balance on a bike. Eventually, I learned how to balance, and it was a life changing moment. Hope is fuel for life and I want to do something in my everyday routine – cycling – to bring hope to children in Buhoma.

Would you consider joining me by making a generous donation to me and our Team SCAC through World Vision’s official donation platform?  100% of your donation goes to community development efforts in Buhoma, Tanzania. Together we can do more for Buhoma, Tanzania.



Arthur Man